Luisa Morales Rueda

Oct. 1995 - Sept. 1998 University of Sussex, UK. D. Phil in Astronomy.

Thesis title: "Spectroscopic studies of the Intermediate Polar GK Persei"

Aug. 1994 - May 1995 University of California at Berkeley, USA. Exchange Abroad Program. One year of postgraduate level courses in astronomy. Grant awarded by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.
Oct. 1989 - Jun. 1994 Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain. Licenciatura en Ciencias Fisicas. Three years of general physics and two years specialising in theoretical physics.
Research & Professional
Apr. 2004 - Present University of Nijmegen, NL. Research fellow working on the Faint Sky Variability Survey.
Oct. 2002 - Mar. 2004 University of Southampton, UK. Project Scientist for the Liverpool Telescope spectrograph.
Mar. 2001 - Sept. 2002 University of Southampton, UK. Research fellow working on binary star evolution.
Oct. 1998 - Feb. 2001 University of Southampton, UK. Research fellow working on the physics of accretion discs.
Mar. 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003 University of Southampton, UK. I participated as an instructor in the Astronomy field trip for 2nd year physics students.
Oct. 1998 - Oct. 1999 University of Southampton, UK. I taught 1st year physics laboratories.
Oct. 1995 - Sept. 1998 University of Sussex, UK. I taught Mathematics and Physics to Foundation year students. I was involved in the Public Understanding of Science Project Telescopes in Education. I taught 1st and 2nd year physics laboratories.
Sep. 1994 - Aug. 1995 Space Science Laboratory, Berkeley, USA. Calibration of the EUV Spectrograph for the Spanish MINISAT satellite.
Jul. 1993 - Sept. 1993 Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain. Summer fellowship. I worked on spectroscopy of extra-nuclear regions with emission lines in active galaxies.
Observing Experience I have observed with several telescopes: WHT (4.2m), INT (2.5m), JKT (1m) at La Palma, TCS (1.5m) and IAC80 at Tenerife, the 3.6m telescope at La Silla, the 1.9m, 1m and the 0.75m telescopes in SAAO. The observations carried out were long slit spectroscopy, photometry and echelle spectroscopy which has given me a broad experience in observing and data reduction techniques.
Data Analysis I have reduced and analysed long slit and echelle spectrophotometry, aperture photometry and crowded field photometry using various software packages like FIGARO, IRAF, PAMELA, MOLLY, IDL, and PERIOD amongst others.
Communication Skills I have given talks at various conferences: at the XV European White Dwarf workshop at Leicester (2006), at the General Assembly of the IAU held in Sydney (2003), at the EHB meeting at Keele (June 2003), at the XIII European workshop on White Dwarfs in Naples (July 2002), at the Astro-tomography workshop in Brussels (July 2000), and at the Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables Workshop in Maryland (July 1998). I have also given informal seminars at several astronomical institutions (University of Sussex (2002), Open University, Oxford (2000), SAAO (1999, 2001) amongst others.
Computing Skills User-level experience with Windows and Unix.
Word processing using Latex and Microsoft Word for Windows.
Programming with Perl and C.
Astronomy related software including IRAF, FIGARO, MOLLY and IDL.
Languages Spanish: Mother tongue
English: fluently spoken, written and read
Contact details
Dept. of Astrophysics,
University of Nijmegen,

PO Box 9010,
6500 GL Nijmegen
The Netherlands
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T. R. Marsh, P. A. Charles, P. J. Groot
Interests and Leisure activities
Taekwondo I am black belt 3rd dan in WTF taekwondo. I have won several medals in competitions. I was also one of the instructors for the Southampton University Taekwondo Club